So those of you who are regular readers probably know about my daughter's "spunky" attitude. Never a dull moment in this house. She's creative in her own way. But there is always drama. It's a good thing she's super cute!

We've had a good week. Even with my husband away, things have been good. The kids have been sleeping well and everyone's had the right attitude. I'm prefacing my story with this so you can see I have done my best here to foster a loving home for my kids. :-)

Monday--We're coming home from school. The kids are yammering in the back and start to argue. I ignore it since we're very close to home. Next thing I know, Anna hits Alex with a book. I turn around and his lip is bleeding. We pull over. I snap at Anna and get out and go give Alex a cuddle. As I'm doing this Anna starts to scream and cry. I ignore her some more. After he's going better, I get back into the car to drive home. She bawls the whole way saying her lip hurts. She's in pain. I'm was pretty sure she was faking it, but told her I'd take a look when we got home. Sure enough when we arrived home, she forget about her "pain" and ran into the house without another mention of it. Note to self: Doesn't like when Alex gets sympathy.

This morning--I'm downstairs putting a load of laundry in. I hear screaming upstairs. Apparently, according to sources, Anna pushed Alex into the wall. Again, gave Alex cuddles to make him feel better. Anna threw herself on the floor then got up and stormed into her room. Moments later I hear screaming. She had burned her hand on her light. Yeah, that's right. After she settled down, and I got the story, she told me she was angry and went into her room to shake the little light on her nightstand and it fell. She reached down to pick it up and burned her hand on the light bulb.

What am I to make of this? I foresee therapy in our future...her? me? I'm not sure. But this kind of worries me. Any thoughts?


Jon said...

My goodness you have a serious competitor there. I have no words of wisdom and can only say I plan to learn the lessons of those that go before me by obsessively reading your blog.

I take it back, my suggestion is to ask your pediatrician for a child psych recommendation... if you are ready to do that. We saw one to help get Amalia to sleep thru the night and it was worth every cent.

Teresa said...

Hey Linda - it's been a few years! We worked together at the "Three Initial Corporation." Actually, I'm still there. Love your blog - came across it from Jane's blogroll.

If it's any consolation whatsoever, my daughter has done the exact same thing. She also thinks my coinbank that says "I'm savin' up for some therapy!" is funny and that she needs one too. Well, that's probably not consolation now is it?

If you have any interest in ever hearing my babybunch war stories, just let me know. It's a whole 'nother ball of wax when they get to school and then when they hit the pre-teens. Big fun, too. Take care!

diana onorio funk said...

Is it wrong for me to say that reading this post makes me feel better about my own child? She's only two, younger than Anna, but on her way to becoming permanent resident of Tantrum Town. Sucks: that this behavior persists. Doesn't suck: knowing it's not just your child. Hang in there.

karey m. said...

oh, man. my heart started racing a bit! my middle one is kind of like this...but she's not brave enough to actually hurt herself!

i keep telling my three that love for one is not love taken away from another, you know? more love is always better. a compliment to one is not a slam against the other...and on and on and on.

maybe someday it will kick in. this parenting thing is for the birds, though, right?!