TSA Sucks!

I hate TSA. I especially hope someone at TSA is reading this. I consider myself a fairly experienced traveler, compared to the average American. I'm not one of those travel-every-week business travelers, but I've done my fair share of it.

So Saturday morning when I arrived in plenty of time for my flight to Atlanta, with everything properly packed for my TSA security screening, I was confident. All my liquids were properly packed in the see-thru plastic bag and sent on through the x-ray machine, followed by my coat, shoes, belt, purse and suitcase.

As I pass through the metal detector, the TSA x-ray lady holds up a bottle of my shampoo container and asks whose it is. And so goes the conversation:

Stupid TSA lady: You can't take this on!
Me: Why not? It's 1 oz of shampoo.
Stupid TSA lady: It may be, but it's in a 4 oz container. The rule is 3 ounces. (She has clearly missed the whole big picture of WHY they have this rule. It's not the damn container it's the liquid amount.)
Me: It's only 1 oz of shampoo. Can you see the measurement on the side? 1 oz.
Stupid TSA lady: But it has to be in a 3 oz container.
Me: Why?
Stupid TSA lady: Because it does.
Me: But it's only 1 oz of shampoo. I've gone back and forth with it at least 3 times now.
Stupid TSA lady: And these two bottles are also 4 oz. containers.
Me: But they ALSO only have 1 oz. of conditioner and hair gel. I purposely took them out of the 16 oz bottles and but them in these smaller containers....1 oz each.
Stupid TSA lady: They have to be 3 oz. I suggest you go back and check your bags.
Me: Why? So I can pay $15 for my bag that you all will probably lose anyway over 1 oz of shampoo. No thank you. Oh, and why can't I bring this one? It's smaller than this 4 oz bottle.
Stupid TSA lady: Because it's not marked.
Me: Marked for what?
Stupid TSA lady: It has to say 3 oz on the container. (I guess I had that one coming.) I would check your bag.
Me: No, I'm checking my bag. This is stupid.
Stupid TSA lady: So what are you going to do?
Me: (thinking all kinds of mean thoughts) I'm going to Atlanta without my shampoo. I hope you enjoy it. It's expensive stuff.

I really hate government workers who don't see the forest for the trees.


Diane Cooper-Gould said...

AAAHHHHRRRRGGGG! This would have made me so mad. I can't stand when people don't use their brains.

Anonymous said...

your stupid the rule clearly states 3.4oz contaniers or less. meaning the container counts as well

kip said...

TSA and their shallow, stupid and repetitive questions


Stephen said...

TSA people were long required to go by the amount labeled on the container because they don't have an accurate way to measure what amount is actually in a container labeled in excess of 3.4oz. There is some leeway now that would allow an officer to perform some alternate screening methods (using liquid testing technology) if they can reasonably estimate the quantity to be less than the 3.4oz requirement. That option is not a requirement and they often don't have the time to spend on the extra screening step so you will most often be told you can not carry it on.

Arron said...
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Linda said...

Are you kidding me, Arron? Hate of govt workers? My husband is a government worker for the past 8 years and has dedicated his life to fighting THESE very terrorists! I'm not to going to go on and address all your points but I know all about this rule. I flew the week after this rule was enacted (with my two small kids) returning from a diplomatic post where we also were supporting this cause.

I'm saying this rule is silly. And this TSA lady was rude about it.

I always say thank you to those who serve our country. Thank you But no need to be rude about it.

Bob said...

And not they have the right to grope you and call it a pat down. You can bet there will be a run on perverts and pedophiles applying for employment at the TSA, it is the only place you can legally fondle someone and get away with it. What has this country come to?

Julie said...

TSA is a creation of the world's most moronic idiot named George W. Bush. That explains why you had to encounter such an idiot TSA agent. It's all of the same brand.

TSA is a complete waste of taxpayers money. It's a collection of bureaucrats who thrive on fear and terrorism. In fact, they use terrorism as an excuse to justify for their jobs, of which they are not qualified. It's all politics and nothing to do with our security or safety. It's a scam to exploit our money and feed the fat cats in our out-of-control government.

Scott said...

This Video on the TSA should make you laff a bit.