Can a Room Makeover, Makeover My Son?

The answer to this question seems to be 'yes.' This past weekend after Alex's dresser finally broke after a few years of Gorilla Glue....we got it free from a friend so I can't complain....we decided to upgrade him to a real wood dresser. I won't go through the very long story about how the new dresser came to be, although I will interject that I got a new piece of dining room furniture out the of gig as well. Anyway, we reorganized his room in the process. Moved the bed. Took off the closet doors. Added a new/used giant dresser. Added some new bins for toys. Got rid of the old ones. Purged and organized. But in the process of upgrading to the big boy room he seemed to grow up a little as well.

I first noticed it Monday morning when a spontaneous visitor gave him the opportunity to not only give the full tour of his "new room," but share his toys and give one away as a parting gift.

Then I found him upstairs (three days now) making his own bed without anyone asking him to. I also have noticed him retreating to his room to clean it up and organize, only to take it all out again and play. Every morning he comes down dressed for the day and tonight he was actually picking out his clothes.

Is it any wonder that this new room layout wouldn't lead me think that my soon has also be reorganized?

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