Baby Bunching: Juggling Two Under Two

My second article was published in Washington Parent magazine this month. Yes, of course, it's about Baby Bunching. Check me out. Oh, and they just asked me to write another article for them. Woo hoo!


3 for Me! said...

I would be interested in reading the story... I had three babies (separate pregnancies) in 2.5 years!! My first two were "planned" my 3rd pregnancy was a SURPRISE to be sure:)

I was warned that it would be too much for me.... but we LOVED it... sure I was busy and stayed close to the house for a while:)

BUt now that they are 4,3 and 2 it's WONDERFUL. They all have playmates that like the same stuff.

We want to have more children but are a little "sad" that any new babies won't be as close in age as the others:) Maybe we'll have to do more "bunching" LOL

Stimey said...

I still haven't found myself a paper copy of the magazine. I might have to venture into a Toys R Us.

The Seeks said...

congrats on the published work & commission for more articles! very proud of you!

teachmama said...

I am just reading this now and would love to see the article! I, too, am a big-time baby buncher; my first two are 20 mos apart and 2 and 3 are 19 mos apart. Like you, we're finally having fun w/ it after a whirlwind blur of the last 4 years. 5, 3, and 2 is much more manageable than barely 4, 2, and newborn!

Linda said...

The article is linked here: http://www.washingtonparent.com/articles/0902/bunching.php