Shoe Stealer

Dear Person Who Took My Daughter's Shoes,

On Friday when I picked up my daughter at the gym after my all-time favorite cardio class, I found someone had taken her shoes. We were in a hurry to get to ballet, and I was most thoroughly annoyed by this inconvenience. I was most annoyed because right before after I dropped her off, I made sure to put her shoes with her coat AND my coat. The cubbies were very full, and I want to ensure I could find them quickly during our sprint to ballet class. So, instead, I spent an extra 10 minutes looking for shoes with the staff.

Oh, by the way crazy shoe stealer person . . . it was 30 degrees that day and I didn't have extra shoes hanging around in the car.

I'm sure you know you took her good shoes. Yeah, that's right. She has tons of $10 Target shoes. But these were the GOOD shoes. The ones that I buy every fall before school to get her through the yucky weather--the waterproof ones that are perfect for every scenario. The ones that cost more than some of my OWN shoes.

So, now after two trips to find similar shoes for the rest of the bad weather season, I have come up empty.

Really? Who takes the shoes of a three year old? If you did it unknowingly, then I forgive you. Perhaps your own three-year old put them in your bag as a joke. If you actually took them, then I'm horrified. Who steals shoes from a gym? Please bring them back. She loves her purple shoes.


Ariel said...

Ugh! Sorry!

Wasn't there an episode of Sex and the City about this phenomenon?

emma said...

was this on Thursday? I think they have my cell phone, water bottle & magazine as well! I'm guessing they're Umis or something equally wonderful - I can't imagine - stealing someone's shoes!

Carol Amie said...

Now see, you all have just given me one more reason not to feel guilty about never getting to the gym :)

purplemommy said...

Okay, do the ladies watching the kids not see someone rifling through everyone's stuff? I mean they are right there.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I can't believe someone would do that!

ARomero said...

Linda, that is nuts! Maybe we should start taking the kids stuff with us to the locker room. I hope you told the manager!