How Did I Do This Everyday?

I will talk about my days in Sweden—as brief as it was—until your eyes gloss over and mine fill with tears. Yes, I really loved it that much! And while the summer and spring were amazing the winter we spent there was one of the worst--four months of snow-covered ground. I shoveled and scraped regularly. Everyone was outfitted in snow boots, snow suits, hats and mittens most of the day, everyday.

Yesterday morning we welcomed 6-8 inches of beautiful snow. I mean the most spectacular kind of snow only Mother Nature can create. Beautiful. I love snow. There is nothing more perfect than walking outside on snowy day when the snow is still falling—because only those who truly love the snow come out then—and listening to the quiet. For me this is the perfect kind of quiet. It’s even better than the kids-just-went-to-bed quiet.

I won’t get into the whole nonsense of my kids today who I TRIED to make appreciate my love of the snow. Alex just eats it, and Anna only whines about how cold it is. At least I have one cold weather enthusiast. Snow days for me (real snow days that is) are like Christmas. I brought out all our old Swedish gear—snow suits, boots, sleds, hats, mittens, snowball maker. Ok, well only a few of these are actually from Sweden, but living there made me appreciate having all the appropriate gear. Everything came out of the closets, bins and drawers, and I set to work dressing both kids. It’s like dad taking his son to a baseball game or mom showing her daughter the museum. This was my moment to show my kids how much I love this miracle.

Whine. Cry. Fuss. Moan. Groan.

No one wanted to be part of my game this morning, except me. But I worked to outfit both kids in everything they need. We shimmied on his snowsuit and then hers, pushed on the boots, pushed some more, stuck on hats, wriggled on mittens and made our way outside. Every time out someone had some kind of an issue—water, pee, hurting finger, cold hands, wet gloves. Something. We came back in, de-suited and re-suited.

As I’m getting Anna into her snowsuit—the same one Alex wore in Sweden—I couldn’t help wonder how I managed this regime everyday. Every time we left the house for school, the store, play, playdate everything went on and then we came home everything came off again. Then it was washed and dried because sure enough we’d need it again really soon. My foyer was always a giant pool of water and my car always smelled a bit like stale water.

The only thing I could think of was that we do what we have to in order to survive the situation. Four months of snow meant four months of snow gear. And even that left me still loving the snow. Today, however, not so much. I think I liked it better when no one had an opinion about the cold. At least I grabbed a few minutes for myself to enjoy it all. Good snow like this doesn't come this way often.


Smiling Mama said...

I should have sent you my 3 yo son--we were outside for 2 hours when I started telling him it was time to go in soon. He took off his gloves and said, "Mama, I'm not even cold!" He would have stayed out there all day!

Sarah said...

Sweden sounds a lot like Minnesota. Four months of snow? Sounds like winter to me! My debate is over how cold the weather has to be before it's TOO cold to send them outside. If it's 17 degrees outside, but there's no wind, is it ok?

One thing is certain, they don't see the outside of the house for the entire month of January. It doesn't matter how you're dressed--thirty degrees below zero is TOO COLD! :)

I'm looking forward to spring. Ah, the halcyon days of spring. Bring on the 50 degree weather!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I can't believe I just came across your blog. We are practically neighbors, and now it sounds like you guys are leaving! That's a shame. We'd have a lot of Swedish stuff to talk about! Which suburb did you live in?

Christina said...

I'm so glad you found my blog ;) I can identify with you completely!! I am from MN with LOTS of snow, but we didn't have the same gear they have in Sweden... more time is spent outside here, and it is a lot more wet!! So I empathize with you when you say your foyer is wet and your car has that stale water smell...and putting the gear on....oh how the kids dislike that.. they don't like getting it on as much as we don't like putting it on...I'm glad we can both appreciate Sweden!!

Christina said...
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