School at Home: Week 2

Yes, we're still alive around here. Sorry that things have been quiet. School at home + moving + spring break + regular daily chores has kept us busy. We had another successful week, but I was relieved to see Friday....if that tells you anything.

Last week's school topic was spring. We had several books from the library on spring (flowers, trees, etc.). As part of the weekly lesson, we took several nature walks including one of Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna (right down the street from our new house!) It is Cherry Blossom time here in DC and nothing can be prettier than pink and white blossoms.

Both Alex and Anna put together a spring book about the seeds and the frog life cycle. And on Tuesday last week--as I was digging up my garden--we found a frog. I took the opportunity to do a quick "frog lesson" before we walked the little guy down to the creek. We named him Eric.

We finished out the week with planting a few plants in our garden. Yes, yes, I know....but it's the week before spring break so it was hard to do 'real' school.

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-Knowles said...

Wow! I'm impressed you can do anything else while moving!