So Bad

I'm so bad. I have people actually coming up to me asking why I haven't updated my blog lately. Ok, here's the scoop. We moved. I have been painting and unpacking and painting some more. And even more painting. Did I mention the painting? And it's hard to do this when you're trying to entertain kids, work part-time and just be. So THIS blog has been neglected, I'm sorry to say.

So here's the quick update.

We just got back from the beach. I need a vacation from the vacation. It's never a vacation when you lug your kids around, right?

My kids have already done one summer camp. I love summer camp. It really is the best thing in the world. My favorite is when they come home dirty and sweaty. Then I know it was successful. Seriously.

Alex has started his first 'big boy' camp today. He's doing soccer camp with kids ages 5-12. As I walked him there this morning, I was sick to my stomach. Nervous that now he's mixing with big kids. Kids who tease and torment. What if they don't like the shirt he's wearing? He's not old enough to walk away. What if they make fun of him for eating his shirt? Yes, he actually chews on his shirt when he's nervous. What if he runs around and acts like he's three, which he does on occasion? I felt like the day I did starting high school. But he had a blast and held up like a trooper. Only thing was I had to go buy shin guards and cleats so he wouldn't be the only one without them. I'm such a sucker!


Rose&Thorn said...

I wish we had summer camps here - they sound so much fun!

swpitara said...

its great news. thank for you idea