Changing it up

Alex likes to challenge me in many ways. This I find extremely exhausting, yet a bit amusing. At least I can laugh about it now.

Me: Ok kids, it’s time to hit the gym. Alex go upstairs and put on some shorts and a shirt.

(I am working to get Anna’s shoes on and bag ready to go.)

Alex appears at the top of the steps wearing his swimsuit, holding his frog (who is forbidden outside his room) and sucking his thumb with a look of defiance in his eyes.

Me: What are you doing?
Alex: I put on my swimsuit.
Me: I see that. Why?
Alex: Because I like to wear it and I want to go to the pool.
Me: Well, we can go to the pool later, but right now we need to go to the gym so mommy can work out and try to not be fat.
Alex: Ok.

He disappears into his room and reappears wearing something equally inappropriate. Sweater in summer, mixed matched colors, patterns, etc. After at least 5-10 minutes of negotiating he returns wearing a short that I usually hate and we go.

Later in the day . . . .

Me: Ok, kids let’s get ready to go to the pool.
Alex: Woo hoo hoo, the pool. Alright.
Me: Go put on your swimsuit so we can go.
Alex: Mommy, can you help me find my blue swimsuit (the one that was put on earlier in the day before the gym. It’s likely hidden underneath a big pile of clothes.)
Me: Just get another one and let’s go. (He has 3 of them.)

Alex appears a the top of the steps in his giraffe costume . . .

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