Blowing Bubbles

So I had to share this story. Alex started swim lessons yesterday. He’s doing pretty well at learning to kick and blow bubbles. We’re working on him putting his face in the water and practicing to blow bubbles since this is his least favorite activity. He spends a good amount of time with the instructor (who is also the lifeguard at our pool) negotiating deals. “I’ll jump off the side of the pool if you jump off the diving board,” he’ll say. Or “I’ll race you, but if I win I can use the noodle. If you win, you can go down the slide.” He’s all about racing and competition and making deals where he benefits. You can’t blame the guy for trying. I watch him and think, what a little grown up he is until I heard him say, “Oh, now the bubbles are coming out of my swimsuit.” [Giggle] The instructor had to hold back from cracking up.

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