Living in Make-Believe Land

My kids have discovered the world of make believe. I would suspect this is a little early for a 2-year old to fully engage in it, but since Alex shows her how to play it, they’ve actually gotten to be quite the little actors.

Our dress up area consists of the 2-year old Halloween frog costume from 2 years ago. Last year’s homemade giraffe costume which loses a brown spot about every minute. It’s really be reduced to yellow PJs with the few felt brown spots hanging by a glue thread. However, their imagination seems to put the pieces back enough to skip around the house in animal costumes.

Lately, we’ve added a few fairy princess outfits, wings, crowns and our latest is the knight costume, complete with sword. They run around the house “slaying” things or going on “great missions.” I’m not completely sure where they’re going, but Alex manages to enlist Anna to do just about everything. They take along bags, suitcases, food, etc. trying to find things or discover new places. So I’ve been told.

Yesterday he explained to Uncle Dave that the sword was only for slaying dragons. He then proceeded to tell him the story of Saint George and the Dragon. But he reiterated that it was only to be used for dragons and not people (This is my attempt to teach him not to slay his sister.) Won’t he be surprised when Auntie Cara sends the dragon costume she had leftover from Halloween last year. We’ll be so medieval here in our make believe castle.

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