Dear retailer: Make the Christmas trees go away!

Dear Retailer:

Today is Halloween, and I have some questions for you. Why are you are putting the Halloween decorations away? I still need some last-minute decorations and a flash light for my kids for tonight. Where did the candy go?

Why do I hear Christmas music and why, oh, why have the Christmas decorations already gone up? How do I explain to my kids that Christmas is still two months away? Do I really need red, green, gold and silver in may face for the next eight weeks?

What about Thanksgiving and enjoying fall? I will buy more if you put the decorations out closer to Christmas. Then I’m in the holiday mood and ready to spend. No one needs that much commercial Christmas. Putting the decorations out now just pisses me off and keeps me out of your store. I think I'll shop online instead.

A former, and now turned online, holiday shopper


Tricia said...

I totally agree! It seems to get earlier each year too! Will we see sugary candy canes displayed next to sharpened yellow pencils next September? Give me a break....ugh!

purplemommy said...

I went to Michael's the night before Halloween (Oct. 30th) to buy Halloween candy sprinkles to decorate cookies at Max's class party. Michaels had been magically transformed to Christmas, not a Halloween sprinkle in sight. Boy was I ticked.

My Life As It Is said...

Wow - I just posted the same thing!! We must have been at the same store yesterday :)