Halloween Takeaway

Halloween was a huge success in my house--almost two hours of trick or treating. My kids loved the scary costumes and the spooky music.

Here are a few thoughts from the night that had me thinking:

The candy has gotten better—what happened to Smarties? My kids got nothing but the good stuff. Yay for them and us—Snickers, Milkway, Butterfingers and Reese’s.

Kids over 10 still should to dress up if they want candy. They are still kids too.

But 15-year olds shouldn’t be dressed as slutty Strawberry Shortcake just to get candy.

Daylight savings time makes for a shorter Halloween and over anxious kids.

Kids now take candy, as much as they think they should have sometimes, instead of waiting for neighbors to give it to them.

We only went to the houses of the people we knew instead of everyone on the street.

The majority of costumes are no longer imaginative. Old Navy and Target has replaced our creativity for costumes, even if it meant combining costumes pieces instead of just slapping on one. (I’m guilty of it too.) It’s a lot easier to spend $15 on a costume and just be done with it.

For the little kids, there is so much hype and pre-Halloween festivities (carnivals, fests, parties, parades) that by the time the day arrives, kids are tired of their costumes.

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Cara Fox said...

HA! OMG - I totally made the same comment re: the quality of candy to my husband! When we were kids, we waded through piles of crappy candy to get to the occasional prized Hershey bar or Reece's Peanut Butter cup.

Agree on all other points. Kinda makes me miss the good old days - everything except the crappy candy!