Ice skating champ!

The big draw to Reston Town Center this season, besides the Christmas lights, has been the ice skating rink. The last time we went to watch the skaters I mentioned that Alex was probably old enough to give it a try.

Yesterday we decided to give it a go! I went in with very low expectations, which I think was very important. I knew he might decide five minutes into skating that this wasn't for him, perhaps even before we got to the ice. After a rough start and some quick reassurance, he seemed to figure it out. I could see the wheels turning in his head at how to make this whole experience easier for him. He didn't want to hold onto the railing. He wanted me to hold only one of his hands. He fell quite a bit in the beginning, but decided laughing it off was his best bet.

The rink provides pickle buckets for the kids to push while they skate. I showed him how and he then pushed me away. I was afraid our skating time had come an end. After some playing around with the bucket, he decided he would push the bucket ahead of him and then glide, skate, walk, jump or some combination of that to the bucket. With a goal in sight, he seemed better able to get the hang of it all. And he did. After 30 minutes he was practically skating without any help from me. Ok, I really do use the term "skating" loosely.

The only downside to this adventure was the price. At $7 a kid and $4 for rental it's not something we can afford to do often since he will only last about 30 minutes. And we didn't even give it a try with Anna. Next year. I'm not sure what these people are thinking. An 'under age 5 option' might be offered at $5 (including skates). Who is going to own skates for kids who outgrown their shoes every 6-12 months? At $5 a kid, I would go more than once a year and then they'd get more money from me in the anyway because I would take BOTH my kids at that price. It looks like Reston's Skate Quest does offer open skating for a little less. But somehow for moms and for the Christmas season, it wouldn't be the same effect of skating outside in the cold under the lights with Christmas music playing.

Next year, we'll give it another go with both the kids.

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Ainsley said...

We've yet to do this with either of our boys. The price gets me, too - I am so afraid they'll be over it in 10 minutes. =)