Santa Claus sighting

Secretly, I've always believed there might really be a Santa Claus . . . and I think we saw him yesterday in the Dallas airport. En route to Austin my two Christmas children (donned completely in red) skipped through the airport Christmas morning at 8 a.m. They both stopped to look at an older man coming through security dressed in interesting Santa gear.

He was wearing a burgundy robe down to the floor with intricate designs in various colors and his hair and beard were white. It was his real hair as far as I could tell and the real McCoy on the beard as well. He stood waiting for a handicapped cart to pick him up. (I'm guessing because he was tired from delivering gifts.) My children just stood watching. The man from the cart, jumped off and said, "Can I get your bag Santa?" Santa nodded quietly. Santa climbed onto the cart, bag clutched in his arms waving to my kids. As he pulled away, I noticed that his suitcase had the initials "SC" in script.

Alex asked me, "Where is Santa going?" I replied wholeheartedly, "I think he might be taking that cart to his sleigh. Christmas is over and his last stop must have been Dallas. He's heading home to sleep." Somewhere in my heart, I think even I believed it, and for a brief moment I thought, if anyone could have been Santa it was this man.

I was curious if they had to open his luggage and take off his boots at the security check.

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