The season of chocolate

My son, especially, has a terrible sweet tooth. I attribute it to the one-a-day chocolate muffins I ate when I was pregnant with him. Probably why my blood sugar was borderline gestational diabetes and I had to cut out all sugar. Apparently, we can mess up our kids before they pop out. Alex will eat an ungodly amount of chocolate and sugar without so much as taking a breath. He will wake up in the morning, with his eyes not even opened, and start bargaining for whatever sweets we might have in the house—hidden or not. He always know where they are.

My solution since I have absolutely no self-control (my friends will admit to this) when it comes to sweets, wine or chips is to not have this stuff around. OK, except for the wine. Everyone needs their vice, right? You don’t find cookies, brownies, chocolate, candy or anything even resembling that at my house unless I’m baking for an event.

The Halloween candy was gone long before we started running into Christmas holidays because of this. Halloween was on Wednesday this year and the candy was either thrown out or sent to work with my husband by the following Monday. I had put on five pounds from all the yummies that didn’t get taken by kids. You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

Somehow close to Thanksgiving, our house started filling up with chocolate and by Thanksgiving day we had pounds, quite literally, of chocolate in our house. Not to mention the giant pecan pie and cake from dinner.

Now into December, the chocolate has multiplied threefold, and we have the chocolate Advent calendars. Very traditional for our family, but so annoying for the chocoholics in my house. Again, before Alex even gets down the stairs he’s talking about opening door # (insert day of December). How did he know this morning it was December 2. After eating it he was already asking about #3. Then he asked about the cookies in the freezer. What about the candy Uncle Dave bought? He remembers seeing some chocolate turkeys somewhere, what about those? And, hey, what happened to the candy cane Santa gave him yesterday?

So I groaned back at him: For the goodness sakes, go to the bathroom, wake up, eat your breakfast THEN we’ll start negotiating on sweets. Mommy cannot do negotiating without coffee in the morning.

So you see what has happened to our house. The chocolate has turned my son into a little greedy sugar monster and me into a fat one. Anna is apparently the only one with self control. She only eats a nibble of it. Please, please stop sending us chocolate.

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