Puzzle crazy

My son is addicted to puzzles. I’m not taking the wood ones where you plop in the shapes already cut for you, I’m talking real 48-piece plus jigsaw puzzles. (He's partial to the Melissa and Doug floor puzzles. He has at least seven he can do on his own in 15 minutes--each that is.) Before he was two, he could sit down, with a little help…LITTLE help…and do a whole puzzle. We were amazed at his method. Simply trial and error with each piece. Today, I watched him do the same puzzle (48 small pieces) three times. He’s fast and very methodical when he works. He doesn’t want distractions and he’s proud when he’s done. He’s also a math guy who can add and subtract basic numbers.

It makes me wonder what a kid like this will be able to do down the road in ten years. He’s three and a half. He can’t draw or construct anything out of blocks that we can identify, but puzzles and numbers are his thing. I just can’t help wonder . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your kiddo is going to be a rocket scientist!!