Enjoying the Snow

My kids are not strangers to the snow. In fact, if you ask Alex about his favorite time of year, he will say, most definitely, wintertime. Secretly I think it's because he likes to eat snow.

Wednesday morning we had almost 3 inches of snow fall near our house. While some kids shy away from the snow (I won't ever understand that), my kids jump face first into it. We spent most of Wednesday and almost all day Thursday in the last remaining bits of white. My kids were sledding down the hill behind our house until the sleds stuck on the peeking grass spots. Alex frustrated by this suggested a new hill. They sled down that one until the bottom was filled with water from the melting snow.

A friend commented yesterday saying, 'What a nice mom you are to let them be outside all day.' My response is, 'What's being nice? It's a way for everyone to be entertained by the natural weather.' How much more earthy can you be!

This morning my children woke up, peeked outside and declared it yet another snow day. Most of what's left is dirty slush and ice, but it might be worth the snowsuits this morning for one last bit of entertainment. The weather forecast is snow for today so perhaps I won't have to wait too long for another stretch of fun!

As a side note: With boots, snow suits, mittens, hats, towels, etc. all over my house....I can't believe we did this everyday for three months in Sweden.

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