She Can Spot a Good Thing

Today I had the morning to share with my daughter. We did the usual mundane things like go the gym, stop off at the grocery store, etc. But this morning, we added in a trip to Reston Town Center to help kill the hour before picking up Alex. So we shopped. Yikes.

We dropped in at my favorite baby shop Cradle and Crayon. One of the places that I love to browse, but can't afford to buy. But I love the feeling I get in there. It makes me want to have more babies. Ok, maybe not.

Then we dropped in at Gap hoping for some awesome winter sale items. Anna was very specific in what she wanted. She said no to many shirts and pants that I offered which were good prices. While I'm looking through a rack of clothes I hear, "Ooooooo, mommy, I must have dis!" I turn around and there is she, beaming from ear to ear, holding a animal printed, double breasted pea coat. I gasp. Indeed it was cute. So cute that I wished it had come in my size. I took one look at the $45 tag (on sale!) and decided that was not in our New Year's budget for a children's coat. She carried the coat through the store and even offered to pay for it at the check out. (I wish) Of course, now that I look online, I see it's only $24.99. Hmmmmm...I may have to go back and get it now.

I love little girls.

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Ainsley said...

I think you should. How cute is that!