The Journey to Preschool Admission: Schools--Part 2

To fully understand the preschool admission journey you must know the players in this game. Here is a list of the schools we have considered (none are mentioned by name as I'm not willing to be on their hit lists):

School C: Current school where both my kids are attending. Generally pleased with the school, but want to make sure Pre-K curriculum is appropriate for Alex. Anna loves to be just about everywhere so she's just along for the ride.

School B: Private, Montessori school. High tuition, mixed reputation.

School F: A school Alex attended last year.

School L: A school where both my kids have been on the waitlist for two years now. Like the school OK. Think their attitude about admission is a bit over the top.

School M: Private, Catholic School. Open house in a week.

School T: Private, church school with a good reputation. Tour of school next week.

School U: Private, church preschool with a good reputation. May decide to attend open house. We'll see.

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ashlye said...

I would really like your input on preschool selection and I would like to know how you found out about preschool reputations. Your blog article is great, but my daughter turned 2 in October, so she won't be eligible for the 2 year old class until this fall, the 3 year old class until next fall, etc since the deadline for age is Sept 30th. Would you be willing to share a little more info. We are a military family who has lived in the area since 2004, but have no friends in the area with children. I need all the help in choosing a preschool I can get. Any information you could provide would be most beneficial to our family.