My Fellow Mom Blogger

Tomorrow my fellow DC Metro Mom blogger Susan (aka WhyMommy) will undergo surgery for a double mastectomy for her Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She has bravely written about her past six months of chemo all while doing the normal day-to-day mom stuff for her two small children who are almost the same age as my kids. I don't know how she does it.

While I have been tracking her progress through chemo (as it mirrored my mom's own chemo schedule) on her blog, I knew I had to meet this woman. I met WhyMommy briefly at a DC Metro Mom event earlier this month and she simply exudes patience, courage and fun.

I just want to say you're in my thoughts and prayers for your surgery, and I hope you've kick that cancer's butt.


Linda Kerr said...

Update on this: Her surgery went well. She is without boobs and without cancer! Yay!

toddlerplanet said...

Thank you, Linda! This was so great!