Where Has the Time Gone?

Since we're at the tail end of our potty training adventure, I decided to try an outing today with our newest member of the diaperfree population. I learned with my first that outings need to include an easily accessible and clean bathroom. So we opted for the Barnes and Noble train table today.

My kids have never really been a fan of this outing, but in recent weeks they actually enjoy the plethora of books, the possibility of a chocolate milk at the attached Starbucks, and some low-key socializing at the train table. Funny how a few years can change a mom's perception of the train table.

I used to loathe this activity more than any other outing. My kids would run through the children's section ripping books off the shelves and scream. They would fight with others over trains and the trip never meant sitting and reading books. When Anna was young, this was my way to nurse and entertain Alex. Only most of the time I was running after him, with one boob hanging out and Anna crying becuase I had interrupted her feeding. If storytime was part of it all, they would usually climb the steps and annoy the reader or make a bunch of noise and we'd have to leave. It only took me a few trips to figure out that my kids didn't do well at Barnes and Noble.

Today, I noticed my kids were some of the oldest. I watched the other children pull books off the shelves and fight over trains. My kids tried to mediate a disagreement over a train. I actually sat on the bench, drank my coffee and took a breather. I can't believe how fast they grow up.....

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Stimey said...

I remember having this very same realization about my oldest at the park last summer. You know how there's always a bunch of 2-4 year-olds at the park and one obviously older brother hanging out? I realized that Sam was the obviously older guy. I have no idea when THAT happened.