Battle of the Strollers

I love strollers! While I was pregnant with my first child, I researched and test drove and researched some more on every stoller out there. I used to walk through baby stores and inspect them in great detail. But, alas, I am so sad that the "chosen stroller" now resides in the back of my car. My kids, I hate to say it, have outgrown the stroller.

But I ran across this review from New York Magazine on the top nine 'top of the line' strollers. (Sad my Mountain Buggy Urban didn't make the cut.) I'm all about the head-to-head competition for strollers. I keep hoping someone will launch a stroller magazine. Perhaps with a title like: Trail and Mall, Baby and Driver, Hit the Road, etc. Perhaps these aren't the best names.

But after reading this article, I will apologize to those I poo-pooed for investing in a Bugaboo. If I lived urban life, I would get one, too. Plus, it's just fun to say.

I'm just waiting for the next article which I hope will be about double strollers.

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ARomero said...

I saw this article this weekend and thought of you! I LOVE strollers and gear too. Have you ever heard of the Stroller Queen? She has a website and owns like 400 strollers. She gives consultations to moms and finds the perfect stroller. Maybe you can be the next stroller queen. :)

btw- I was one of those moms who got the bugaboo and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!