Petrol in Peace

On my way home this afternoon, I stopped off at a nearby Sunoco station in Tyson's Corner. I must have looked like a deer caught in headlights when I got out of the car. What is this? I hear noise and music and talking. I look around and it's a TV at the gas station. Are you serious?

What advertising company thought this would be a good idea? I worked in PR so I'm sure some overly paid agency came up with this 'smashing' idea to "keep consumers informed of the latest and greatest." Can I just say, this annoyed the hell out of me. I stop to pump some gas--a task which I hate anyway. But at least, I get a few moments of quiet. I stand there with the doors closed. My kids inside maybe singing, laughing, talking, screaming, crying, yelling. But for me, it's quiet. Sure, there's the smell of octane gas. But it's a peaceful moment for me. And I catch them when I can.

Today, my three minutes of quiet were interrupted with news, commercials and info on how to pump the gas. Seriously, is that what we've come to. We can't stop for a few minutes without noise. Between computers, cell phones, blackberries, Ipods, TVs--we're always surrounded by interruptions and endless chatter.

I think I need a little peace with my petrol.

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Ainsley said...

I totally agree! I haven't encountered a TV yet, but I am always shocked and annoyed at how these newer gas stations blare the music so loud.

I'm with you... the gas smell, the germs, standing out in the whipping wind - it's all bad enough. Just let us pump in peace.