Learning Chess

We've been watching the way Alex's mind works lately. He's a puzzle and math-minded little guy. Even after a conference call with his teacher about his progress this year, she confirmed that he is very much a math boy. Not sure how hubby and I will deal with that since we are both NOT math people.

Anyway, my husband thought, in light of all this, it was time to teach him the principles of chess. If only you'd seen the nerd fraternity he was in in college, you'd understand this.

So yesterday, the teaching and playing began. It took very little instruction other than showing him how the pieces move. Together they've been working out strategy over the past 24 hours. I hear talking of rooks and bishops, thinking oh what a fun project for dad and son to do.

Can I tell you how surprised I was when I heard Alex say "check" today? Turns out they were just working through a play together. I mean, he's barely four.

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