Journey to Preschool Admission: School M--Part 5

I attended the open house for School M. This was a tough decision for me. It's a Catholic preschool/kindergarten that filters into a Catholic elementary and middle school. At first glance the facility didn't seem much beyond the other schools. I talked to the teachers about the curriculum and certain needs I thought my son would need. What I loved was the flow of the four classrooms. The 3s room had a door that flowed into the 4s and the 4s into the kindergarten class. They said there would be some mixing of the classes at time. The classrooms were clean and new looking, but not so stiff as other schools. The classrooms were large with their own bathrooms and sinks for each room. And bonus, each class had several computers.

Now if you're not religious, than the religious aspect might get you. The kids are buddied with a 4th grader each month for mass attendance. Hey, if I can get my kids to sit through mass, bonus for me!

The price was actually in our price range as well.

The only downside are the days. I was set on having Alex go only four days a week and Anna going three. This would ensure I had three mornings to write and do errands. (I do have this book to write, you know.) But with this program, Alex would go five days and Anna only two. So I have mixed feelings on that one. I am being selfish and wanting him home the one day so we can do stuff together before he starts kindergarten the following year.

So the final verdict for today is my application for both kids is completed and deposit check is ready to go. The principal makes the selection at the end of the week.

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