Journey to Preschool Admission: School L--Part 4

I considered turning in an application at School L for the THIRD year in a row. But I am so put off by the attitude of their waitlist and lottery system that I decided not to even bother this year.

Since returning students and alumni have priority, as they should and as most schools do, our chances of getting a slot for both kids are slim. Last year, all the slots were filled with returning kids and they lotteried for the wait list order! My kids were numbers 12 and 19 on the waitlists.

If one kid gets in and the other doesn't, I lose the application fees. I need both kids in the same school in order for this whole preschool thing to work. The open slots they do have are probably the most sought after in town. But once you're in....you're in.

While I hear wonderful things about the school and really like the facility, I'm not sure it's worth all the fuss and clamoring to get in. So that's a no from me on School L.

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purplemommy said...

I'm passing on school "L" too.