Coming Back to Life

Our house has been struck by illness. Since Jan. 1, (happy new year) someone has been sick, mainly me. But as a good mom I forge ahead as best I can when I'm sick. We still do the activities. I still make the dinners. The laundry is kind of done. The house is marginally picked up. The kids are played with and read to.

But when illness strikes one of the monkeys, all hell breaks loose. There is a reason I was never a nurse. I am terrible with sick people. I get annoyed with the whining and the tears. I know it's because they are sick, but I still can't do the "nurse" routine for more than about 48 hours.

Last week Alex came home from school complaining of a tummyache. By that evening, it turned into a high fever. That was Thursday. Today, in case anyone is counting is Wednesday and that makes six days of high fever, whining, coughing, germs and general overall grossness in this house. Not to mention my impatience. But I think, if I might say it without it undoing the past six days, we're coming back to life in this house.

The kids are fighting again. My head is cleared from congestion and my cabin fever is waning a bit.

Please, God, let Anna stay healthy now.

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Ainsley said...

I feel for you. Honestly, I think someone has been sick in our house for over a month. We're finally all healthy (KNOCK ON WOOD!).

But you're right, it's worse when one of the kids has it. I go back and forth feeling sorry for them and wanting to jump off the second-story balcony.

Kidding of course, sort of.