What Can You Do in the Dark?

So after I was up again for a third night in a row with sick kid or newly potty trained one, I realized how much I have learned to do in the dark during the past four years. I have new admiration for my blind grandmother.

But I now know why I insist that things should go back in their places (even though I often don't do it). Because in the middle of the night, no matter what the situation is with your kids, rule #1 is DON'T TURN ON THE LIGHT! Why? Because you risk fully waking them up and having them up for a longer period than expected. You must be able to find things in the dark.

Last night when my daughter cried out in her sleep that she peed in bed, I was able to strip the bed, change her completely (panties on the right way and all) and make the bed back up in the dark. I remember back when the kids were little and they dirtied their diapers at night, I could completely change a stinky diaper and outfit totally, in the dark. I even learned to change bedsheets around a half-sleepy child, in the dark. I have been known to find extra blankets, socks, lovies, bottles, etc. in the dark as well.

This is why I am the one who gets up with the kids at night. My husband, God bless him, has been known to turn on lights to change diapers and look for lovies. Come to find out, he's not alone. Seems most of the husbands tend to do this. We women must be wired for night vision as well.

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emma said...

funny enough, my husband is the one who reminds me to keep the light in the hallway out after our kid has gone to bed (otherwise she starts to wonder what she's missing out on!)