Journey to Preschool Admission: School B--Part 3

This week I made three phone calls and one school visit. I went to check out "School B." School B has been intriguing to me since we moved here in 2006. It's a private Montessori school. I know two people who currently have children in the school. One is very happy with it, the other is not. I thought I should go check it out.

School B exceeded all my expectations at first glance. Everything was new and pristine--not to mention crazy organized. I wish my house was that organized. They staff was so agreeable. In fact, almost a bit too much. I felt a little like I was in Stepford. Nothing can be THAT perfect. I took the tour with my youngest beside me who seemed to fit right in with their culture. I observed a few classrooms, however, the first seemed a bit chaotic. I have seen Montessori schools before so I knew what to expect. This class seemed out of control. Kids were everywhere and the teachers seemed to be nonexistent in the setting. I loved what the kids were working on though and the academics of it pleased me.

After talking to my friend about it later--the one who is not happy with it--I found out a few major things regarding both the teachers and the administration that didn't not please me. In addition, the price tag attached to it, was well beyond our budget.

I believe we'll pass on School B.

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