Journey to Preschool Admission: The Final Decision--Part 8

With deadlines looming and parents impatiently waiting, I have submitted my forms and money to the two choosen schools: School C (where my kids would be returning) and School M.

I decided not to visit School U and School F did not really meet my needs. The decision came down to a few things. Money, days/times and general mommy instinct.

With School C, my main issue is that I would have to drive to school five days a week. While my two would overlap on three days, I would have each kid alone for one. This could be a plus. The only downside is I never get a day with both alone to just do fun stuff. That's the thing I love about being a stay-at-home mom. If we wake up Friday and feel like going to the park, we go. If we want to hit the zoo, we can. We are limited by schedules. However, I will say, if we take this option, I might be more apt to letting my kids play hookie one day so we can do fun things now and then. My second option with School C puts BOTH kids going three days a week. This means I would only have to drive to school three days! This might not be the best transition for Alex into kindergarten, but I might investigate this option.

With School M, I have Alex signed up for five days a week and Anna only two. So I kind of get gipped on both ends. I would like Anna in three days and Alex four. So I'm having to compromise on this. But I was really pleased by the school and the possiblity of sending Alex to kindergarten here was nice, too. There are only a few slots available so the decision could be made for me.

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