Journey to Preschool Admission: School T--Part 6

I made a visit to School T today. Before I even drove into the parking lot, I decided this was the final school to look out this year. I have grown weary of this process.

Basically because what I surmised, was indeed true. All the schools were the basically the same. The emphasis is on play. The teachers who were there, all wanted to be there and you could tell. The facilities were all nice--some had big classrooms and others had small ones.

While I decided not to go with School T since I'd already turned application fees into School C and School M, I thought it was only fair to take a look around for future reference.

This was an outstanding school! The classrooms were a good size and very bright and cheery. The teachers were very engaged even before we entered the classrooms. The coolest thing about this one is their open session during mid-morning. Students have an hour to move through several rooms focusing on art, music, math, science, play, etc. Each room has a teacher facilitating, leading or monitoring the project/activities. What I loved about this idea is that students had a chance to visit with other teachers and other students during the day. It gave the three-year olds the opportunity to mix with the fours and the fours a chance to be an example to the threes.

Unfortunately, the days don't match up with what I need, and, like I said, I now have more $200 invested in registration fees. So, while I am going to pass on School T, I would highly recommend it to other parents based on what I saw.

Summary to follow soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info on school "T" - I was just about to email you to ask how your visit went!