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[Papa Monkey here guest blogging surreptitiously]

For Valentine's day, I thought I'd post a Lindy apprecation addition to the Monkeybusiness blog.

In addition to keeping up the Monkeybusiness blog, Lindy:
-manages to actually feed, clothe, school, read to, teach, entertain, discipline, smother with love, and be an amazing mom to two of the most demanding munchkins known to man.
-keeps the house going when everyone is sick
-holds down the house when many husbands are home but I'm at work or traveling
-is a sympathetic ear, a supportive wife, and the pillar of our family.
-is writing a full-length book on parenting
-creates a house with a creative, artistic and harmonious spirit
-and the list could go on ad infinitum, but I don't want to bore the loyal readers

In short, to make public what I've long said in private, Lindy rocks!

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Stimey said...

You're not boring the loyal readers, you're making us jealous of such a thoughtful post! Happy Valentine's Day!