Relief: We Are In

Both my kids received their forms from School C with our top choice granted. This will mean a few things for me:

1. Alex will go 4 days a week and Anna 3.
2. I will only have 2 days a week with NO kids.
3. I will still have to drive to school 5 days a week.
4. BUT, I will finally have one day alone with Alex. Poor Alex. Since Anna came along he rarely gets time alone with me.
5. They both will have one day to enjoy lunch bunch together, so that will give me four hours of no kids that day.



kim said...

HURRAY! I've been wondering what the official school verdict would be - so glad you got what you wanted! (And just think of all that time for writing!)

Stimey said...

I had almost this exact set up last year (except I also had an under-two kid as well). It was nice. I got time with each of the older kids. And I liked getting up and out of the house every morning, so I didn't mind the 5-day-a-week thing.

Congrats on getting your first choice!

emma said...

That sounds like a great plan for the year before preschool :) Had you asked me 6 months ago, I had our monkey going 5 am's a week in that preK year (in my head) & after lots of thinking & input (including your blog), that one "field trip day" sounds pretty cool. I really liked our tour of that school - what stuck out in our tour was the evidence of lots of tactile "messy art" stuff (not always something moms love to do every day!)