Disney Princesses Subliminally Beckon My Girl

Can you tell me what is is about Disney Princesses that gets little girls all excited? Is it sublminal? Am I missing it? Around 20 months, Anna made it clear she loved princesses. She couldn't say it, but we knew it. And now we have to hear it every day, many times a day.

Yesterday at Toys R Us, Anna wandered into the "girls section"--as she calls the part of every toy store which looks like it has vomited pink--and says, "Oh My Gosh....Look Mommy it's princesses. I Looooooove Princess." She'll tell you her favorite color is princess. She'll ask for a princess car or princess plane or princess sword. (Don't forget she has an older brother.) She wants a princess party and has a princess bedspread, and no, it's not Disney. As much as I try to keep this crap out of my house, she is still so drawn to it.

She'll spend eons at Barnes and Noble flipping through every Disney Princess book squealing about all the beautiful princesses.

Please someone tell me what is about princesses?


Alexander Romero said...

Why is Disney crap? To me a lot of it seems like very family friendly entertainment. Perhaps I am missing something?

Jessica McFadden said...

Hi Linda! I'm always linking to your amazing articles. First the one on finding a preschool, now the DPs.

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?

Thanks for the great writing!