Birthday Party Politics: Part 2

So I had meant to come back and write a follow up post on birthday party favors, but I was sidetracked this week by this controversial blog posting. In fact, for 24 hours it was almost all I thought about and talked about until my husband finally told me 'enough' and to get over it.

But I started thinking about children's parties and how ridiculous they can become for the mom and the invited moms. How I long for the day when we can just drop kids off at the party and come back in two hours!

I chose to have Alex's party on a weekday for many reasons. I won't bore you with those details. So I decided to have the party on a Friday afternoon, which might be odd for some, I know. Since it was at a playground I knew that hosting the siblings would be OK since space wasn't an issue.

Then the guest list started to eat at me. This was the first year Alex had an opinion. I asked about his class and who he wanted to invite. He gave me the names and left out quite a few. Would that get me in trouble later on? Would those moms feel left out? If I were to invited them, it would mean double since they all came with siblings.

Then my mind moved onto the goody bags. I had planned to have all these kids, but now they came in pairs (aka younger brother or sister). Was I expected to give them goody bags too? Wow, that's a lot of people then. Luckily, I found a solution that saved me, but man, so much to think about. That's why next year, I'm inviting 5 of his closest friends and calling it good.

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