Spring Break: Who Gets the Break?

OK, back in the day Spring Break was 'it.' The official beginning of Spring and the official beginning to the-almost-end of school. I can't admit to ever doing anything super fabulous over most spring breaks, although my parents did allow me a senior class trip to Europe one year and during college I did manage a trip to Galveston beach (in Texas). (That is nothing like the rockin' beach parties you see on MTV.)

So here we are. It's spring break. The weather is warming up a bit, the kids get to play outside, my husband is out of town, the kids are out of school--did I mention my husband's out of town?--and I am in SO need of a spring break. I have Easter errands to run and can't go to Target and a birthday party to get ready for.

Who gets the break here? So here's my plan. Next spring break, I'm going to enlist all the moms who want kids in school over the "break" and we'll teach the classes. This way the teachers get their break (because that's only fair), I get a break from my OWN kids--who make me batty when they don't have some structure during the day, my kids get to play with their friends, get tired, take a nap and then my afternoons are happier for all. Then we all rotate/co-op during the week so every mom gets one day to have a break. Ahhhhh.... it's almost like being at the beach.

I'm certainly open to other suggestions on this plan. It's a work in progress.

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Stimey said...

Yeah, I'm not so looking forward to the next week.