No Target for Too Long

My friend Allison likes to torture me regularly about her frequent visits to Target. For those that don't know, I gave up Target for Lent. I think it was more of a game for myself than a sacrifice. Could I still find what I needed at the other stores? Could I refrain from just buying just to buy?

Well, here we are six days until Easter, and now I am needing Target. I have lots to do to get ready for Easter and Alex's party and I'm quite tired of stopping at every store for what I need. Target really is one-stop shopping. I think by this whole Lenten sacrifice I was hoping to prove to myself that I don't need Target. And no, I don't. I can still get detegent and shaving cream at the grocery store. I can find party items....at the party store. But with kids, I need to find a way to get everyone in and out quickly.

So now I'm starting to feel the pain a bit. I'm starting to need a "Target Run." The good news is my kids haven't had to endure this store--which they hate, and my credit card should be smaller as a result of six weeks sans Target.

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Cara Fox said...

Don't cave!!!!! You've got just 4 more days! This is longer than you ever lasted giving up wine! : )