A Lesson for Home Depot

I took the kids for a quick Home Depot visit yesterday to make a return and buy some paint for our bedroom. I'm tired of sleeping in Creme Brulee and need a bit of blue. My kids do pretty well at Home Depot if we do it quickly. They love the paint swatches and the paint sticks (aka swords). So I'm standing there quickly trying to pick out a paint color. My kids are slowly losing patience and climbing up the display. When I turn to tell them to stop, this man and woman approach me.

The man smiles and says: Have you heard about the special offering Home Depot has for you today?

I look at him, the woman, my kids (who are still climbing around). I smile and say: Babysitting?

He laughs, she laughs and I laugh. He has a hard time collecting himself, actually. He says: No, today we're giving our customers a chance to redesign . . .

I cut him off and say: Unless you're offering babysitting than I don't have time to hear what special offers you have. (I am laughing this whole time.)

He laughs, turns away, speechless and I hear the lady say to him: That was pretty funny.

I'm so glad I could provide some humor. Perhaps I provided a bit of insight as well. Don't bother moms with rambunctious children and ask them if they want a massage (we do, but unless it comes with childcare the answer is no), lotion, free samples (unless it's food or stickers), a cell phone, better interest rates or to fill out a survey. The answer is no, no, no.

I will give a big thumbs up for the paint guys who gave my kids the Disney stickers and extra paint sticks. Those were ALL a big hit.

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Cara Fox said...

Heehee! Nice comeback. My favorites are the guys who have massage chairs in the middle of the mall. They accost me EVERY time I walk in front of them, even if it is five times within 10 minutes because I am chasing after my two toddlers. I want to say, "Do I look like I'm in a position to enjoy a $^%&ing massage right now!?!?!". Losers. Clearly, childless losers as well.