Mama Knows Breast

I have a flood of friends expecting babies this spring, hence the reason for some reflective moments back to the past. Most of my friends are having their second, third or even fourth babies so breastfeeding might not be as big of an issue. Once you've done it once, even if you had trouble before, your confidence is still higher than the first go round.

I recently ordered a book, Mama Knows Breast, for my friend Katey who will be having her first baby this spring. This was the cutest reference book I've seen so far on breastfeeding. Just as the picture shows you can totally read it while you feed. You can read it in the hospital while they are coming to take your vitals all day or read it in the bathtub while trying to catch five minutes of alone time. It's a great reference book for first-time breastfeeding moms. If you're struggling with breastfeeding on a second baby, you probably would find this to be a good resource, as well as some much needed comfort.

Andi Silverman, who is mom to two kids (under two, I might add), did a great job writing this book and I would highly recommend it for new moms. It's not the normal breastfeeding book about the types of holds, but includes practical advice about fashion, where it is deemed acceptable to breastfeed and the necessary nursing props (which includes the TV remote and food).

My other personal favorite in the breastfeeding book category was So That's What They're For. It's more of a Girlfriend's Guide to Breastfeeding and definitely something to get you revved up for nursing, should to choose to go that route.

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