Spoken in True Cuteness

Ok, so enough of the commentary this week. Here are a few about my monkeys.

We'll start with Anna, queen of cuteness. When I asked how school was and what she did here is the conversation.

A: I played dress up.
Mom: Did X play dress up too?
A: Yep.
Mom: Did Y play dress up?
A: Hee hee..no mommy, he not want to play dress up.
Mom: Why?
A: Because I dress up like a princess and we don't have a costume for boys. It's a problem.


This evening after dinner Alex was wanting to watch a DVD. As I'm cleaning up the dishes, he announces that he has something to say:

A: Mommy, I want you to know that dinner was very yummy. I very much enjoyed it. Can you make it again? I want you to know how much I appreciate it.

Needless to say he got dessert, a hug and a DVD.


After bath the other night Alex is lying on his beanbag. When I ask what's wrong he says:

A: The bath made me tired.
Mom: Yeah, I know that feeling. Sometimes you guys make me tired.
A: Do you know what would REALLY making you tired? Building a building.
Mom: (Silenced by this statement.)

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