In Need of Some Spring Cleaning

My house is totally out of control, and you'd be surprised by how small my house really is. My basement continues to look like we've just moved in and the kids' rooms are full of toys they never play with.

While picking up our bedroom the other day, I asked my husband if it was necessary to have every business card from every person he's ever met on our dresser. Well, not all of them. Another couple thousand are in a Zploc bag in the basement. Ever hear of a Rolodex? God, I've been out of the office world for so long that might date me right there.

So he made a deal with me. If I could keep the hope chest at the end of our bed--which is usually topped with clothes (both clean and dirty), books, belts, laundry basket, shoes, etc.--than he would find some other place to put all 1 million business cards. The clincher was I had to keep the hope chest free from crap for three whole days. I can't seem to do it. My thinking is this is a perfectly fine piece of furniture. Why shouldn't there be something on it?

I have been inspired by my mommy blogging buddy Jean over at Stimeyland who just started a whole other site (Junk Pyramid) about decluttering her house. This is so much better than FlyLady, which I might add I try every week for about 1 day, because it's real.

My main level of our 3-story townhouse is pretty organized, mainly because there's hardly any furniture or storage. But the other two levels are making me nuts. There's just so much clutter I can't get my arms around it all and find the time to prune, prune, prune. And, dammit, I can't get to Target to buy anymore bins.

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Stimey said...

I also need bins to put my stuff to donate/store in. My bins are only in the garage and I can't make it out there to get one. It's like a whole 12 steps. How could I possibly get all the way out there?