Thank God I Am American

With the primaries in two major states tomorrow and the banter back and forth between the Democratic candidates, I was humbled by the Russian "elections" on Sunday. How lucky to live in a country where we have three viable candidates for president. How lucky that our current president didn't pick those candidates. How lucky that if you want to be a candidate, you can run.

I think we get mixed up in our little world over here and forget that people in other places--as democratic as they say they are--are not. I feel so blessed that I can have this blog and say whatever I want without worrying about my own safety or that of my family. I feel blessed that we have a ballot filled with competant people who are somewhat, on some level, interested in the good of the country.

We should remember that this week as the primaries continue.


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This is so true. I am not always proud of America, but I am so grateful that I was born here.