Backyard Playgroup

I am lucky! I live in a townhouse neighborhood. While I do miss the luxury of a big back yard, privacy and not hearing my neighbors TV, I love that my community is full of small children and neighbors who are willing to venture outside.

While we only have a small deck, it opens into a grassy common area. In the winter we use it for sledding and in the nicer weather, the neighbors bring their BBQs, tables, chairs and toys and we congregate back there for fun.

Last week, I hosted a playgroup for my mom's group + a few neighbors and we used the basketball court for outside "art" (aka chalk and sidewalk paint). It turned out to be a pretty decent turn out of about 15 or so moms and their kids. Throw in some food and Sangria and you have instant fun for everyone!

I'm bummed I didn't take any pictures of the event. Besides one little girl stuck up in a tree, it seemmed to be on of the more free playgroups where moms could relax and kids could do what kids are supposed to do....just run and play.

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littlepinkpansy said...

This playgroup was the greatest thing - we had such a good time and it was very relaxing! I do have a few pictures if you'd like me to share - they are of course of my own child though!