DAY 6 Food Challenge: The Mushrooms are Gone

Threw the mushrooms in with the eggs this morning, mixed with some cheese and the last bit of bread as toast. Yay me! The last few tortillas are gone as well. I never worry about tortillas as we eat those almost every few days. I wrap everything in tortallas.

This afternoon the plan is to get rid of some yogurt and strawberries. That should make good snacks for everyone. This evening we're heading out to dinner on a date so not much more food will be eaten this evening, but perhaps the rest for tomorrow.

The lesson so far on this: Plan ahead and only buy what I need.


sak said...

The art of keeping house well does give delight! What fun to read your frig series. Muchas gracias!

littlepinkpansy said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who delights in a bare fridge!!