DAY 5 Food Challenge: Open spaces in the frig

My challenge this week, was to finish most of the stuff in the frig--the things that go bad first. Our pantry is still pretty stocked with usuals, but I tend to not stock up on those much during the week. I buy a little here and there, but always keep sauces, stock, a few cans of beans and tomatoes and then the usual baking items along with an assortment of healthy snacks, crackers and cereals. But our frig, I'm happy to say looks a bit bare.

My good-sized gathering with some mommy friend today got rid of a lot. I tried to feed people from frig stuff first, but had a few items in the freezer just in case. The apples are gone. The oranges are gone. All the veggies except the carrots and lettuce are gone. There's a little cheese left and quite a bit of yogurt. I think tomorrow we'll be pushing the yogurt and the strawberries! That won't be a difficult task. Yes, the mushrooms are still there.

Must empty out before Sunday's shopping trip.

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