It Happened Again

My dear not-so-sweet daughter did it again and again and again this week. I am the not-so-proud mom of the biter child.

She started when she was about one, using her teeth to defend herself and prized posessions from her brother. Here we are almost TWO years later (she'll be three in July) and I'm still diving to save a 'succulent' toddler arm or apologzing again to my neighbor.

We were having a good run for a while--just a few instances here and there--but we're offically back as the trio you don't want at your playgroup. Which royally sucks because I'm about to have 15 moms over tomorrow afternoon to play. Sorry guys.

I have talked about the situation and they assured me she's not doing this at school, yet today when I picked her up, I got the dreaded news that she bit one of her classmates--the same one from earlier in the year. Ugh.

We're trying to find a way to discpline her and nothing seems to be working. Our latest plot is to actually take her completely out of game and make her go home for every bite she takes. It's taking quite a bit of effort on my part to watch her like a hawk AND be ready to go at a moment's notice. But clearly something has to be done because if not both she and I will be left with no friends at all.


3XMom said...

This is so gonna be me. My 20-month old son has never bit yet - but he will. I have no doubt. I feel so bad for them when they do because its totally a frustration thing. Good luck - this too shall pass!

Stimey said...

Her? That little cutie up there?

It's gotta be tough to deal with biting. I do think that the majority of parents realize that it doesn't mean the child is a bad kid, that it's just something some kids do. But it's difficult nonetheless. Good luck. (And good luck with 15 kids at your house!)