DAY 4 Food Challenge: Where'd Those Apples Come From?

My day started out eating a banana from yesterday that my daughter peeled and then changed her mind on. I at least was smart enough to get it into the frig. I mixed it with some cottage cheese this morning. Yum. Cottage cheese gone!

I managed to get rid of a few veggies by making some pico de gallo/salsa like thing for a gathering tomorrow afternoon. But the bacon and mushrooms are still there. I think I'll make an omelet with them.

But the most startling thing is discovering how so many apples got in our fruit drawer. This is what comes from two people shopping during the week. I never know what's been purchased. I thought we were out of apples and my husband had just bought a new bag. I guess I'll be making an apple-cheese casserole tomorrow as well. By Friday evening, my frig should be looking pretty good and ready for restock by Sunday!

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