DAY 3 Food Challenge: More stuff to eat up

The mushrooms are calling to me. They need to be eaten. I hate mushrooms raw. I don't know if even my husband knows this but I really feel they need to be cooked at least a little bit. Hmmm....what to do with them. Not motivated to do much with it today.

Moving on....I used the one zucchini to make some cookies. Throw in some chocolate chips and you have magical cookies. My kids asked me, "Mommy, what's this green stuff?" I thought about lying and making up some story about it being mint. But I figured they were old enough to hear the truth so I told them. Alex's answer was, "Hmmm...zucchini in cookies. Man, that's pretty good, mom." Then Anna went out to point out where each green speck was and proceeded to eat the whole thing. If you're coming to my playgroup party on Friday. We will be serving them.

I managed to get rid of the shrimp in the freezer, along with some arugula and parsley. Kids ate that. Well, not the green stuff, just the shrimp. I had two bunches of broccoli. My husband dared me it wouldn't get used. It did. My kids ate it. Hey, I'm as amazed as you are! Kept pushing the grapes. We're almost there!

Good think I had to make dinner for a new mom today. Julie got the remains of a red pepper, red onion, more arugula and a few other items in the chicken orzo dish.

Tomorrow, the cottage cheese, bacon and mushrooms must go. Still the mushrooms. I have a pantry full of stuff that can keep, but no way will I be throwing out produce. I think I might make use of the 'shrooms with some chicken.


Anonymous said...

You could make a quiche with the cottage cheese, bacon, and mushrooms.
(add/omit ingredients to make it work for you)

bmk said...

we used up mushrooms last night in our parmesean chicken and rice http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=642342 the easiest dinner I have made in ages!