DAY 2 Food Challenge: Eating Leftovers

I'm lucky my family will eat leftovers. Even cold ones. I really am the only one who feels to the need to reheat and it's hard since we don't have a microwave. Yes, I know, we're primitive. Don't get me started on it. My husband has a general dislike of microwaves so even as much as I beg, I can't get him to bend. Something about it taking the Chi out of our food.

But my kids will eat them cold so there's no problem. Today we worked on finishing up the salad and leftovers from the weekend. I pushed the grapes which have been sitting there for some time and managed to get the half of cucumber into my kids with lunch--without salad dressing. That was a red letter day right there!

Tomorrow I must find something to do with the mushrooms, bacon and zucchini. Or else they're going to go bad!

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